I like dancing. It's become a large part of my life.

In these web pages I have links to videos illustrating different kinds of dance I've been involved with, and some of my other thoughts on them.

I think of myself as primarily doing Scottish Country Dance.

But I'm equally serious about English Country Dance.

I also do a lot of Modern Square Dance.

Other things I've tried include Contra dance, Irish Set Dance, swing dance / jive, and what they call "international folk dance" (which is basically eastern European and Israeli folk dance).

Please let me know if you want some pointers about getting into these scenes or where you could start to try them out a bit, or just see them once, etc. Everyone wants you to join in and dance and have fun.

Some other kinds of dance I'd like to learn about some day (but I don't have time for them now unless I drop something else!) are line dancing (which I've been to two lessons in plus a couple of other casual encounters), round dance, ballroom dance, Italian renaissance dance. (Not to mention more International Folk Dance! And probably others too!)

I've recently started an English Country Dance group in York Region (Ontario, Canada).