English Country Dance

I've been doing English Country Dance since May 2014, and I'm now quite serious about it too.
See http://www.tecda.ca
"Raw beginners" are welcome at our group; but also feel free to e-mail me for some tips in advance, if you prefer.
(If you are a Scottish Country Dancer, I wrote a web page about English Country Dance for Scottish Country Dancers.)

English Country Dance is very "flowy" and quite majestic at times. It's a lot easier on your feet and knees than Scottish Country Dance, because it's almost all done in walking step. But this usually just means that we dance for a longer time without breaks than we do in SCD.

We dance mostly to "early music", or more recently-composed music in the Renaissance (early music) style. This is my favourite kind of music.

The walk-throughs are shorter than in SCD because the caller (teacher) continues to teach as you dance the dance -- they tell you the next figure just before you dance it. When the dance is going well, the caller can drop off calling every little thing, but if people are having trouble then they will call more. The walk-throughs do make sure that everyone is familiar with the particular figures which are in that dance, and we do still have any additional instruction as needed. But if you are a non-dancer reading this, don't be worried about this; just tell the caller that you are new, and they'll make sure you learn everything you need to know during the walk-throughs.


Example video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P8AHhmnu-ME

Here are a few semi-random ECD videos which are cool:


More recently I've been learning to "call" (i.e. teach) ECD. As I write I'm calling for TECDA about once a month.