Plus Square Dance figures

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  1. Acey Deucey [Sep 28] -- From a formation where there are four clear outside dancers and two inside couples, the outside dancers circulate while the inside couples partner-trade.
  2. Teacup Chain [Feb 8]
  3. Ping Pong Circulate [Nov 30] -- From quarter-tag position, all circulate, with a particular definition of what the two groups of four are...
  4. Load The Boat [Oct 5] -- From two facing lines of four, the outer four dancers circulate three times and face in (just barely passing the third person you pass), while the middle four dancers do this sequence: pass through and turn away from your partner; partner trade (with the person you just passed); pass through.
  5. Peel Off [Oct 26]
  6. Linear Cycle [Oct 19] -- Single hinge; those looking out fold; double pass through; peel away from the centre.
  7. Coordinate [Nov 2]
  8. [Anything] and Spread [Oct 26, Nov 2, Nov 9, Nov 23]
  9. Spin Chain the Gears [Oct 12]
  10. Track Two [Nov 16] -- From a completed double-pass through position, pairing with the person in front of or behind you, do a tandem partner trade and then step to waves.
  11. [Anything] and Roll [Nov 30]
  12. Follow Your Neighbour [Nov 16] -- From parallel mini-waves, the in-facing dancers (on a diagonal) turn each other three-quarters to the middle of a wave, while the out-facing dancers individually cast off three-quarters to the outsides of the wave. The out-facing dancers turn in the direction of their departing partner. Usually called as "follow your neighbour and spread".
  13. Fan the Top [Dec 7] -- This is just Spin the Top without the initial right-hand trades.
  14. Explode the Wave [Dec 14] -- Explode and Pull By
  15. Explode and [Anything] [Dec 14] -- From a wave, everyone step forward and face in (quarter-turn towards the centre of the wave), then do the next call basically from parallel mini-waves.
  16. Relay the Deucey [Nov 23]
  17. Peel the Top [Jan 25]
  18. Diamond Circulate [Sep 28] -- From a Diamond formation, everyone advance one place. (So the points become middles and the middles become points.)
  19. Single Circle to a Wave [Oct 19] -- Take both hands with the person in front of you, circle halfway, then step to a wave.
  20. Trade the Wave [Oct 19] -- From a wave, everyone trades with the person facing the same way as they are.
  21. Flip the Diamond [Oct 5] -- From a Diamond formation, the middles move on one place as in Diamond Circulate, and the points fold in slightly towards the middle (the official teaching notes say "run around someone who isn't there"). So you end in a wave.
  22. Grand Swing Thru [Nov 9]
  23. Crossfire [Dec 7] -- From a wave, centres trade while outsides cross-fold; then all step forward slightly to form parallel mini-waves.
  24. All Eight Spin the Top [Sep 28] -- all turn halfway to put the others in the centre; then centres star three-quarters while outsides walk ahead one quarter to meet original partner.
  25. Cut the Diamond [Oct 12] -- Similar to Flip the Diamond but the points trade, so they end up on the far side of the new wave rather than the near side.
  26. Chase Right [Sep 28] / Chase Left [Oct 19] -- everyone box circulate two positions, with the person on the right (left) doing a U Turn first.
  27. Dixie Grand [Dec 14]
  28. Three-Quarters Tag the Line [Sep 28] -- As the other tags, but go three quarters, so that the formerly-outer two people end up as a couple.
  29. Spin Chain and Exchange the Gears [Feb 1]
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